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Real Ales coming soon to the taproom

Some of the Real Ales we have that are almost ready to serve, or are expected in soon. Keep watching the now available page to see when they're ready to serve in the pub.


See also: Real Ales now available in the pub

Last updated Tuesday September 25th 2018

Titanic Chocolate & Vanilla Stout 4.5
St Austell Space Hopper 4.2
Derventio Spartan 5.3
Woodfordes Nog 4.6
Oakham Citra 4.3
Wolf Sirius Dog Star 4.4
Wolf Wolf Ale 3.9
Lincs Brewing Great Tom 3.7
Rat & Ratchett Detroit Rat City 4.5
Mordue Tomahawk Stout 5.5
Woodfordes Red Admiral 4.0
Colcehster Day Of the Triffids 4.1
Colcehster Brazilian 4.8
Titanic Plum Porter 4.9
Blue Monkey B.G. Sips 4.0
Ilkley Pale 4.2
Skinners Betty Stogs 4.0
St Austell Trelawny 3.8
Tiny Rebel Cwtch 4.6