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Real Ales coming soon to the taproom

Some of the Real Ales we have that are almost ready to serve, or are expected in soon. Keep watching the now available page to see when they're ready to serve in the pub.


See also: Real Ales now available in the pub

Last updated Friday September 20th 2019

Oakham JHB 3.8
Oakham Citra 4.2
Roosters Yorkshire Pale Ale 4.1
Camerons Old Sea Dog 4.3
Little Eaton Delver Drop 4.8
Abbeydale Moonshine 4.3
Sonnet 43 All Choc A Block 4.9
Mauldons Silver Adder 4.2
Mauldons Mid-Autumn Gold 4.5
Earl Soham Victoria 3.6
Earl Soham Albert 4.4
Timothy Taylors Landlord 4.3
Castle Rock Sherwood Reserve 4.5
Black Sheep Flying Circus 4.5
Dancing Duck Abduction 5.5
Powderkeg Idler 3.9
Mighty Oak Oscar Wilde Mild 3.7
Mighty Oak Captain Bob 3.8
Mighty Oak Kings 4.2
Mighty Oak Maldon Gold 4.0